Summer makeup: Fun, flirty and easy!

After what feels like forever, summer is coming up fast! You know what that means: parties, concerts, festivals and a million other outdoor events to celebrate the beautiful warm weather. After spending months cooped up inside, nothing feels better than stepping out at an event and being able to show off a new look. But what's the first step?

Changing up your summer makeup can be a little daunting. The summer attitude is light and sweet, so why not let your summer makeup match? These outdoor events are fun, but how can you look cute without overdoing it? For changing up your summer makeup this year, give some of these tips a try.

Protection trumps everything!

Before we get into any tips, the most important thing to remember with these outdoor events is to protect your skin. Start with a clean, washed and moisturized face. Feel free to apply facial lotion with an SPF of at least 15, but if you're in a rush and don't have any, apply sunscreen to your face—pay special attention to areas that the sun hits, such as your lips, nose and forehead.

Foundation: Less is more

In the summer heat, your best bet is to go as natural as possible. If you're not totally comfortable going naked-faced, look into a tinted moisturizer. Studio Moisture Tint by MAC cosmetics is a lightweight foundation-moisturizer that lets your skin breathe underneath it. Just about any drug store that sells makeup will provide you with plenty of options for tinted moisturizers with SPF protection, so shop around for one that's right for you!

Make your lips the center of attention!

With summer makeup, a cute lip is crucial. But, this is a lot easier to obtain than you might think! For fair-skinned ladies, go for a fun pink lip gloss or tinted lip balm. Darker skinned beauties should try sheer plums and melon shades. Have fun with it—the more shimmer, the better! If you haven't noticed, SPF protection is a pretty important element here, too. You have probably heard, "You need to apply the entire tube to get any use out of the SPF!" The truth is, while picking a lip balm with SPF won't give you a ton of protection, it's better than nothing at all. Better safe than sorry, right? The best thing about lip glosses and balms is that they are small enough to carry and easy to reapply.

Eyes: Go bright and light

Nothing feels grosser than greasy, smudgy eyeliner sweating off your face. When you're choosing your summer makeup, always remember a primer for your eye makeup. Urban Decay Primer Potion or any other eye shadow primer helps stop running colors from the bottom up.

Keep the drama on your eyes down. A quirky shade of eyeliner will grab attention without weighing you down—instead of the traditional black, try a plum or navy shade. Finish the look with waterproof mascara for maximum hold. If you're still worried about running liner and raccoon eyes, top it all off with a makeup sealant like She-Laq by Benefit.

Remember, summer makeup is all about attitude. Keep it light or go a little bolder—but always keep in the fun summer spirit!

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