Burn Calories with a Hula Hoop

Getting in shape sometimes isn't fun, but hula hooping puts a cool spin on fitness. "Summer Shape Up" stopped by the "Hoopnotica" studio to see how easy it is to shed pounds by using a hula hoop. Beyonce', Olivia Wilde, and Marisa Tomei have all enjoyed staying in shape with "Hoopnotica." The fat-burning workout strengthens your core and is an excellent cardio exercise. Their weighted hula hoop can help you burn 400 to 600 calories. Here's a few "Hoopnotica" fit moves that will blast the fat and keep you young at heart.

Waist Hooping- Place one foot in front of the other and spin the hula hoop around your waist. Rock forward and backward with you hips, while pulling your abs towards your spine. It's a great core exercise.

Lunge Hooping- Place one foot in front of the other and bend your knees into a lunge position. Spin the hula hoop around your waist, while lunging up and down. Lunge hooping tightens up your core and glutes.

Ninja Pass- Begin in a plié' position with toes turned out. Sit down into the plié squat. Hold the hoop palm down and roll it from side to side across your midsection. Rotate your chest in the same direction as the hula hoop. This exercise tones up your arms, obliques, inner thighs, and upper and lower back.

Hand-off Halo- Hold the hula hoop above your head and match up your pinky fingers. Slowly rotate the hoop around your body. Begin doing calf raises while twirling the hoop to intensify your workout. It's an excellent exercise for the shoulders and triceps.

Do eight reps of each exercise to start and gradually increase once you get the hang of it. "Hoopnotica" makes hula hooping anywhere really easy with their travel hoops.

Hoopnotica Travel Hoop

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