7 Easy Tricks to Stay Skinny During Summer

You worked hard for that bikini body-keep it! Follow these easy diet and exercise tricks to maintain your shape.

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Hydrate Wisely

In the heat, quenching your thirst can sometimes trump the impulse to check out the nutritional information on drinks. But sweet teas and juices can secretly sabotage your shape. Avoid the empty calories of sugary beverages and reach for flavored seltzers or coconut water. Better yet, save your cash and squeeze a lemon, orange, or lime into your glass to create a DIY fruit-infused water.

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Sleep In

Catching a little shut-eye (hello, cat naps!) can actually help you keep off the pounds. Studies have shown that less sleep means less production of the hormone, leptin, which is a key helper in telling you when you're full and when you need to expend energy (i.e., exercise). Fit in siestas as needed to make up for late nights on the town.

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Work Your Upper Body

Forget dumbbells. Your body mass is the most effective weight you own, and practicing certain yoga poses is a great way to tone your arms wherever you travel. For keeping your triceps trim, try this modified Chaturanga push-up. Start on the ground in a traditional push-up position, except your hands should be squared directly under your shoulders rather than out to the side. Lift your body into a push-up, pressing your elbows against your body as you rise. Stop when your upper arms are parallel to your torso and lower to the ground. Do 15-20 reps.

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Switch Out Your Snacks

Snack bar staples and beach picnic essentials can often be high in fat and sugar. Don't let any of the dieting you did before bikini season go to waste and opt for frozen fruits, like strawberries or grapes, to curb your sweet tooth craving. For people with savory tastes, try kale chips instead of carb-heavy potato treats.

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Suck In

In need of a quick core workout? While waiting in line for the bus or check-out counter, stand straight, inhale, and use your stomach muscles to pull your belly button back towards your spine. Hold this postion for ten seconds and repeat as desired to help slim your torso on the go.

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Don't Eat Out of the Bag

It's the easiest trick in the world and a sure-fire way to keep from overeating. Instead of plopping onto the couch with a bag of chips or crackers, ration out a portion onto a plate or paper towel and stop noshing when it's gone. We don't condone obsessing over labels, but a quick read of the snack's nutritional information will give you an idea about ideal serving sizes.

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Tone Your Backside

While channel surfing (or waiting for your sunscreen to dry), fit in a few reps of these easy leg lifts to tone your tush before hitting the beach. Get onto all fours and lift up one bent leg behind you as if you wanted to imprint your flexed foot against the ceiling. Lower your knee to the ground and repeat. Do two sets of 20 reps.

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