The craziest place to eat this summer

Breakfast in the Sky on the Ferris wheel at Morey's Piers wins our award for most nutso location to serve a meal this season. The wheel on the Jersey Shore is 156 feet high, the tables have white linen table cloths, and brunch items include shrimp and lobster omelets, Belgian waffles, and a Cuban-spiced steak and egg scramble. The idea belonged to pier founder, Will Morey, and his sons are now making the whimsical wish come to life. Each car seats up to four, and that friend we all had, the one who rocked the Ferris wheel seats regardless of how much we hollered, she's not invited.

According to the recent article we ran on the 10 weirdest restaurants in the world, it is also possible to eat among tree branches in Costa Rica and Thailand, in a snow castle in Finland, underwater in the Maldives, and at a suspended table all over the world, but because of its pier appeal, Breakfast in the Sky is our favorite idea for this summer.

The cost for two is $86. Would you go for it?

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