User Post: I was looking forward to sleeping late in the sweet summer time: Weren't you? permission grantedSweet dreams I admit, I'm not really a morning person. You of course adjust for work, especially when you are rising but not shining at say 5am in order to get to work on time. So, this summer I was as bad as a teenager with my hopes and dreams of sweet dreams past our normal 6:30/7:00 am wake up call during the school year. This would be the first year since I was a teen (many moons ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth) that there was the chance that I would get to sleep late. Since I am a WAHM who works until late at night I was especially looking forward to catching some extra ZZZ's. But I was wrong.

I have a early bird. One of my children is an early to bed (if I am lucky) and early to rise child. While I love my "Good morning momma" greeting, a hug and a kiss from my daughter, it would be nice if it was just a little later in the morning.

I have a hard working man. I am very lucky that I do. It's just too bad that his boss doesn't understand that I would like to sleep in a little later and that his early departures keep me from some extra ZZZZ's.

And now for the question that moms the world over want to know the answer to . . . Why do our children make it so hard to get up and get ready for school sometimes but yet on holidays, days off and the summer get up exactly when they should?

If you know the answer to that, then you may be able to unlock one of the secrets to the universe.

Dogs barking, phones ringing and lawn mowers mowing. My dog must have the smallest bladder on the planet because the excitement of the morning is just too much for him. The phone always seems to ring by 8:00 am, right about the same time that lawn mowers all over the neighborhood let out their mowing moans.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am grateful to get to be a WAHM, very grateful. But sometimes it would just be nice to be able to sleep in until my body actually woke up all on it's own.

Hope springs eternal, in all the seasons. Maybe someday I will actually get up when my body says to not when the demands of the day serve their own little wake up call. But, I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe by the time that happens I may be of the age where 7:00AM seems a pretty normal time to get up.

What about you, weren't you looking forward to a little sleep in in the sweet summer time?

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