What's your favorite summer treat?

This weekend I stuck my head in bag filled with peaches, and the smell nearly knocked me off my feet: it was pure, ripe summer. I had been at a farmer's market, picking up the most luscious-looking tomatoes, the most fragrant herbs, the sweetest blueberries you've ever tasted, and corn so sweet is was like dessert. That, to me, is the best summer treat on earth: the fruits and vegetables coming out of the ground are so bursting with flavor and juice and sweetness; it's the taste of summer itself. And in a way, its timing is perfect: just as summer is close to winding down, the natural world rises up with its show-stoppers to take our mind off of backpacks and pencils.

But ice cream cones take a close second. Is there any better summer evening than walking through the humid streets at dusk to get an ice cream cone? And now that I'm thinking about it, a cold glass of iced tea in the afternoon is irresistible. And what about homemade lemonade? Or a slice of cool, sweet watermelon?

Summer might be winding down, but that's all the more reason to savor every last delight. So, do tell: