All about "glamping": How to go glam on your camping trip

Camp in style this season! Rethink the pitched tent with a new generation of streamlined trailers and deluxe tent cabins.

Teardrop trailer: Cozy camping without a tent

This little room on wheels is so easy to handle, it can be hitched to a Mini Cooper. Its standard design includes a bed, kitchen, and cabinets, but custom add-ons get as crazy as espresso makers and solar showers.

Teardrop trailer: Kitchen on wheels
A mobile kitchen pops up from the back of the trailer.
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Airstream trailer
The iconic Airstream is a mini hotel on wheels. Most have gas burners, showers you can actually stand up in, and an ingenious amount of storage space. It's smooth to tow, with a retro interior that conjures up a first-class train cabin circa 1955.

Airstream trailer: Inside
The kitchen and dining area in this 25-foot Airstream International has room for 4 to dine in style.
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Outdoor rooms: Instant patio

Kick back outside your Airstream with chairs and table from DWR and an umbrella by Brelli.

Outdoor rooms: Instant dining room

Create a summertime fiesta with a table and chairs from Ikea and deck chairs by Gallant & Jones.The Brelli umbrella creates easy shade for any table. Just pop the handle in a vase filled with sand.

Tent camping redefined

This luxury tent is from The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, MT, where "roughing it" means canvas platform tents with oil paintings hanging above feather beds, terry-cloth robes as fluffy as Big Sky Country clouds, and elk-antler bedside lamps.

Tent camping redefined: Feather beds
Forget the air mattress. There'll be no sore necks after a night on "the last best bed" in the luxury tent from The Resort at Paws Up.
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