Seven Tips To Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacations

By Jamie Wheeler,

Everyone looks forward to summer vacation. But we've all had vacation-related let-downs, whether it be mismanaging time or forgetting a crucial item at home, or feeling unprepared for a day's adventure. Reduce the chances of disappointment by following these tips:

Book Flight and Hotel Together

· Consider using one of the websites pictured above to book your flight and hotel together. Airlines and hotels have many deals together and you get great savings on both.

Consider "All-Inclusive" Vacations

· All-inclusive vacations are wonderful, especially if you are traveling with children. It's a good idea because as travel writer Anna LoBuono says, ""Kids like to try different things, but if you've shelled out $60 to rent snorkeling gear and they suddenly get cold feet, it's wasted money." Typically, all-inclusive packages include meals, snacks, activities and tips.

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Pack Light, Pack Right!

· Bring clothing that can be easily coordinated, for example, a shirt that will go with either shorts or a skirt.

· Pack one pair of walking shoes (flip flops on a day you plan to walk all over the place will make your feet ache), one pair of sandals, and if you know you might be going somewhere nice, a pair of dressier shoes. That's it.

· Pack two swimsuits, so one can be worn when the other is drying. Putting on damp swimwear feels yucky.

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Sunscreen and Sunglasses

· Be sure to pack an extra pair of sunglasses.

· Bring sunscreen and apply it before you leave your hotel or other accommodations. Be sure to read the new FDA guidelines about sun protection before purchasing to select the best product to keep your skin safe. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a nasty burn!

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· Pack collapsible umbrellas for everyone. Not only are they good for downpours, if the sun gets to intense, they are portable shade.

Purchase Tickets in Advance

· If you and your family have been dying to see an attraction such as Alcatraz or the Statue of Liberty, purchase tickets in advance. Many popular sites limit the number of visitors. Buy in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Be Flexible

· If something doesn't work out, don't be a slave to your schedule. Take off and explore some of the less-trodden paths and be open to new, unplanned adventures. Sometimes, that turns out to be the best thing after all!

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