Ten Super Staycation Ideas For Kids And Adults

By Jamie Wheeler, Intent.com

Five Fun Flings for Kids:

1. Backyard Campout

Equipped with their imaginations and only a few inexpensive supplies, your kids (and perhaps a friend or two) can go on an adventure. Small tents are inexpensive (many under $50). A couple of flashlights, some comic books, board games, and snacks will make your little ones giggle and feel ever so adventurous!

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2. Surprise Jar of Fun!

With your children, come up with a variety of low-cost activities that they want to do this summer. Everyone, ideally, should agree that the choices are plausible and fun! Let each child, and adults, if you wish, take turns choosing a random slip. Here are a few ideas to add to your own:

· Science Museum (most cities have wonderful, interactive, hands-on museums).

· Spa Day! Backrubs, home manicures and pedicures, massages, comfy robes, scented candles.

· Make-your-own pizzas and board games night

· Water park

· Kite Flying

· Bike Riding

3. Picnic Around the World

Who doesn't like a picnic? But for your "Staycation Picnic," make it even more interesting. Get a globe and spin it. Wherever the child's finger lands, investigate the food of that nation. For example, if it is France, croissants and chocolate; Greece, olives and dolmas, and so on. Bring some music of the country of choice to play while you nibble and share some fun facts with the children too!

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4. Slumber Party!

Get out the sleeping bags (and the ear plugs) and invite a few of your child's friend's over for a slumber party. Pizza, movies, and popcorn can make for a memorable evening!

5. Minor League Baseball

For an affordable evening of great fun, take the family out for an evening of Minor League Baseball. Not only is it easy on the budget, you get good seats and players who are often eager to converse with fans.


1. White Elephant "Sale" and Party

For a twist on the traditional yard sale, try this. Have all your friends bring over the most awful thing they have in their possession. Your yard sale will be a "penny clearance." Everything is only ONE CENT! Place bets on whose item will be the first to go, the last to go, etc. It's amazing what people will take when they think something is "free." Freeze a couple of buckets of margaritas, set up a bunch of lawn chairs, and let the games begin!

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2. Neighborhood Block Party

Take the initiative and organize a neighborhood block party. It's a great way to get to know your neighbors, eat good food and enjoy a summer day or evening.

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3. Go for a Day (or Night) at the Museum

Take advantage of the slower pace of summer and the reduced attendance at museums and soak up some art. Many museums also hope to boost attendance by offering "Nights at the Museum." Some even include live music and wine.

4. Bookstore Date

Mark off a few hours to spend perusing used bookstores together. Grab several titles to keep you occupied during those long summer days. Perhaps choose a book for each other that you've always wanted the other person to read. Follow up your leisurely morning with lunch and drinks on a mist-cooled patio or a neighborhood bistro.

5. Community Theater

A fun and inexpensive way to spend the evening is to take in a show at your local community theater. Summer stock productions often offer familiar titles, from comedies to classics.

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