The Top 5 Family Vacation Spots for Summer 2011

Memorial Day is around the corner, and family summer vacation planning is in full swing. Choices are abundant, but only you know which destination will best suit the needs of your family (and budget).

Here's a list of the 5 of hottest (pun intended) locations for families this summer season:

1. Orlando: M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E! Rates for the No. 1 family destination and the surrounding theme parks are competitive in the summer -- probably because it's so hot (literally) down there. But if your family can stand the heat, there's no small amount of fun to be had.

2. Cancun: Not just for MTV's spring break anymore, the Mexican destination has reinvented itself as a great locale for families.

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3. Honolulu: Hawaii is a hot spot for families traveling this summer, and no destination is more convenient than Honolulu, particularly since direct flights are available from so many U.S. cities. Waikiki Beach, here we come!

4. Maui: If the last time you visited or thought about Maui was on your honeymoon, time to think again. The beautiful beaches - from white to black to red - are a great match for active families.

5. Kauai: Are family vacations not complete unless you and yours can spend some time getting reacquainted with nature? Kauai has a glorious coastline, secluded beaches and is an ideal local for nature lovers.

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