8 Planning Tips for Hosting a Holiday Dinner Party

Have a festive holiday dinner with these tips.This holiday season, don't balk at the idea of hosting a dinner party, embrace it! With a simple menu, classic table décor, and a little help from the kids, the guests, and the hubby, a perfect holiday dinner party is within your grasp. These eight planning tips can help you pull off a dinner party that will be the highlight of the holidays.

1. Stick with a simple, yet classic, menu.

There's a reason that turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole are the staples of holiday menus - they're simple, can be prepared ahead of time, and don't break the bank. Stick to a simple menu such as this for your holiday dinner party. Don't be worried about mixing things up some (cauliflower casserole instead of green beans, lamb instead of turkey, or roasted potatoes instead of mashed), but keep the menu easy and achievable.

2. Shop early.

Don't leave your shopping for the day of the party. The size of the Samsung Convertible Zone 4-Door Refrigerator means you can shop early and save yourself the hassle of shopping on the day you're hosting.

3. Put the kids to work.

Don't let the kids spend the day lounging on the sofa. Put them to work cleaning the kitchen. Have the kids wipe down appliances, do the dishes once you've done the prep work, and even set the table. It'll free up time for you to hop in the shower and make yourself presentable for your guests!

4. Accept help from guests.

Has a guest offered to bring dessert or an appetizer? Let them. Accepting help from guests will allow you to focus on the main course and getting the house ready for entertaining.

5. Brighten things up.

Candles, holiday lights, and anything that glitters make the perfect holiday decorations. The benefit of hosting during the season is that you don't have to spend a lot of time and energy decorating - you're probably already done.

6. Assign seats.

Whether you're having five guests or 15, place cards make dining with a crowd painless. Think about seating arrangements before your guests arrive.

7. Set the stage with music.

Put together a playlist that will work with your audience - include holiday favorites for children and adults alike!

8. Use the dishwasher as you go.

Take the time to load your dishwasher as you're cooking, run it before you eat, and then you can empty and reload once you're done eating. Don't hesitate to enlist help from your husband and kids - more help you get, the faster the work goes. Once the dishwasher is loaded, sit back and enjoy the rest of the evening; you deserve it!

Content by Kelly Herdrich.