10 Things Pregnant Women Do Better Than Anyone Else

10 things pregnant women do better!10 things pregnant women do better!Pregnancy has its downs, for sure, but there are plenty of silver linings to get you through the 9 months.

In fact, there are certain things that pregnant women do better than anyone else. Pregnancy perks, if you will.

Here are 10 things that pregnant women do better…

1. Command a Room
People tend to gravitate toward pregnant women - whether it's the maternal aura or simply the belly. Whatever it is, people take notice; they pay attention. And pregnancy is certainly an easy ice-breaker in a crowded room.

2. Table? Who Needs a Table?
You have a built-in plate holder, right there on your belly. You're good.

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3. Do You Smell That?
While it might be a curse during the morning-sickness phase, it's probably the closest thing to a super power you'll ever have. Super Preggo: With the Power to Smell Anything, Near or Far.

4. Stopping Traffic
There's nothing that'll stop traffic like a 9-month pregnant woman rushing across the street. You might even find a kind escort.

5. Restroom Lines
When you have a human head pressing on your bladder, you have a free pass to skip to the front. Guaranteed.

6. Here Miss, Take My Seat
If you can get over the god-awful smells and germ-y people crammed in around you, pregnancy is one of the best times to ride a rush-hour subway. There's usually a kind person willing to give up their seat.

7. Clean, Clean, Clean
Nobody cleans as well as a pregnant woman experiencing a burst of nesting. Nobody.

8. Be Productive
"I made human ears today. What have you done?"

9. The Kindness of Strangers
There's something about growing a human life that brings out the humanity in us all. People held the door for me much more often. They smiled at me as I passed. They struck up conversations - not because they wanted or needed anything, but because they wanted to share their own experiences or just wish me well. The world was a kinder place when I was pregnant.

10. Wish I Could, But...
We all struggle with saying "yes" when we really want to say "no," and pregnancy? Pregnancy is the perfect time to throw down the excuse card. Your ankles hurt, you have a registry to build, and you really really need a nap. Use it. Pregnant women can certainly get away with it.

- By Michelle Horton

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