10 Ways to Save on Father's Day Gifts

With Father's Day coming up this weekend, many are scrambling their pennies together to find a gift worthy of the special guy in their life, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to show dear old dad how much you care. Here are ten ways to give dad a great gift without having to spend more than you can afford.

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1. Unplug and Head for the Hills

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One of the best gifts you can give to dad is your undivided attention. Turn off the cell phones, video games, computers, and televisions, and pack the family into the car for a trip to the local hiking trails or beach for some quality family time without any distraction. Other than the gas money to get you all there, this gift is free and is sure to be a day that he'll remember forever.

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2. Peace and Quiet

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What would dad do if he had a block of time to himself? Read a book? Go for a run? Take a nap? Get all the kids out of the house for the day (or at least half of it) and let him have the whole day to himself to do whatever he'd like without being interrupted with diaper duty, trips to the park, or listening to any kids fighting.

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3. Create a Space Just for Dad

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It's hard for any family member to get their own space when living under one roof, but there's always some corner (in the basement, guest room, garage, back yard) that can be carved out for a special purpose. Create a space that is just for dad to do his thing whether he prefers reading books, watching sports, or practicing his golf swing. Pull items from around the house that aren't being used or head to your local consignment shop or tag sales to find what you need to create a space that dad knows is all his own.

4. Take Over His To-Do List

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If your father typically mows the lawn on Saturdays or trims the hedges every July, take the task off his hands (an IOU will do the trick for jobs that needs to be done down the road) to give him a break from the mundane tasks he does to keep the house in order. It will cost you some time and hard work, but otherwise it won't cost a dime -- and he'll be thrilled.

5. Make Him a Top 10 List

letter to dad
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When was the last time you told your dad how important he is to you? Write him a letter or list out the top 10 things he's taught you or the 10 reasons why you love him. In the daily grind, it's easy to forget to tell him know much you really appreciate all the hard work he does or the time he spends with you. But it's a gesture that won't soon be forgotten.

6. Cook Him a Meal

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Everyone has to eat, right? You can prepare a great meal without spending a fortune on ingredients. Choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and grab a recipe featuring one of dad's favorite foods off the internet (if you don't already have a great go-to option). He's sure to be impressed with the time and effort you've put in, and as an added bonus, you'll get to enjoy a great meal with him once it's ready.

7. Donate to His Favorite Charity


Everyone has a cause that is near and dear to their heart. Make a donation to your dad's favorite charity whether it is for animals, cancer research, or the local Little League. Even a small amount can go a long way, and by putting it in his name, he may even be able to benefit from a little tax write-off.

8. Homemade Art to Melt His Heart

kids artwork
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There is just nothing quite like a homemade piece of artwork for dad. It always speaks volumes and whether it ends up being funny or sweet, it is sure to be a priceless piece of art in his gallery. Choose the medium that fits your budget best whether it is pencil and paper or canvas and paints.

9. Surprise Makeover

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Sometimes a major makeover isn't necessary either for a room in the house or even dad's wardrobe, but it's always nice to spruce things up before they become in need of dire repair. Re-organize his tools, paint a room to give it a new look, or even offer up a nice clean shave and haircut from a traditional barber. Just a small change can have a big impact on an overall look and can cost next to nothing.

10. Capture the Memories

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With so much great software available to the average person, it's easier than ever to create home movies that are sure to bring a tear (of joy) to the eye. Even if you don't have much video to include, add still photos to video production software and run dad's favorite songs on the track for home movies that he'll be sure to have on replay for decades to come.

No matter what your budget, remember that sometimes the best gifts don't cost anything at all!

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