Indoor Activities for Rainy Fall Days

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If a string of rainy days in a row has got your kids singing the cabin fever blues, then you're in luck! We've come up with 102 great ways to stay entertained indoors. Challenge your little ones to do something different next time, and try out a craft, recipe, or game that wouldn't have otherwise interested them. Prove to them that being stuck indoors doesn't always have to be a bad thing, and remind them that (maybe) the sun will come out tomorrow!

  • Build a Fort or Tent: For some good, old-fashioned fun, hit the linen closet and construct a fort or tent with sheets and pillows. The process of creating the hideaway is only the beginning; as once they're done with the hard work, playtime can begin!
  • Celebrate Christmas in July: Surprise the kids by taking out the Christmas decorations and celebrating the holiday . . . in July! Play Christmas music, bake cookies, and decorate your houseplants with ornaments. Just don't leave the decor on display for too long, or your friends and neighbors will think you've lost it!
  • Plan a Family Vacation: Whether you've already got a trip in the works or are just dreaming up fun destinations for the future, getting the kids involved in planning a family vacation is a great way to spend a rainy day. Get out a map, a computer, and some pens and paper, and get them thinking about where they want to go, why they want to go there, how you'll get there, where you'll stay, what you'll eat, and what you'll see and do in their chosen destinations.
  • Create a Time Capsule: Create a "2012" time capsule. Have kids include a letter to their future selves with information like their grade in school, Summer plans, their best friends' names, hobbies they enjoy, favorite movies, songs, and more. Also include a few mementos and photos. Be sure to seal the whole thing in an airtight container (a tennis ball can or Tupperware would work well), and wait until a sunny day to bury it in the backyard. Just remember to make a note of where it is and when you want to open it!
  • Make DIY Pillowcases: If you have some old bed linens that you're willing to sacrifice, then have your kids decorate their own pillowcases. If the final results are worthy, then give the linens a special spot on their beds.

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  • Button Embroidery Hoop Art: Embroidery hoop art is all the rage in nursery decorating. A simple project like this one would make a great handmade addition to your nursery decor
  • Finger Paint: Get messy with finger paint - no explanation required!
  • Encourage Budding Poets: Take advantage of the peace and quiet, and encourage children who have a way with words to try their hand at poetry. Visit the Poetry Foundation's children's section to teach them some basics and learn the terminology; it's a great resource.
  • Whip Out the Swiffer: Regardless of how involved my kids are with an activity, they drop everything when I pull out the Swiffer. They fight over who gets to push it first, and they like to compare how much dirt they've collected along the way. After a long day, there's no harm in having them help with the dusting - especially if they're having fun with it!
  • Put On a Puppet Show: Whether you're using finger puppets, stuffed animals, or old-school puppets (hey, painted hands work too), a puppet show is fun for the whole family!

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