12 Things You Don't Realize Until You Have Your Second Baby

Nothing will entertain your child like her sibling Nothing will entertain your child like her sibling Tomorrow, my second child turns six months old, which means I've now spent half a year as a parent of two little children.

Here's are some truths I've learned:

1. You WILL love your second baby just as much as your first.
I wasn't sure if it was possible, but she's proved me wrong. I love her so much my heart wants to burst wide open.

2. It is a rare night when you aren't woken up at least once.
My baby isn't sleeping through the night yet, but my older child, who has slept through the night since seven weeks old, now often wakes up in the night disoriented or frantically asking if there are tigers in Texas.

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3. You will feel like the most capable person alive when you go grocery shopping by yourself with two children.
And you will look at people with three or more children and wonder if they have super powers.

4. When your older child sees your snuggly new baby, they might decide to get a little snugglier themselves.
And I'm not complaining about all the toddler hugs and kisses I'm getting out of the deal.

5. Going back to multiple naps a day is a little rough.
I got used to only scheduling around one nap. Going back to two or three really cramps my schedule!

6. Something will have to give.
In my home, it's been housekeeping.

7. Going somewhere with only one child seems like a breeze.
It doesn't even really matter WHICH child.

8. A day where both children nap at the same time is the BEST DAY EVER.
And then you can spend a little quiet time doing important things like taking pictures of yourself in a hat.

9. The hard work pays off.
Parenting takes it all. From working hard to breastfeed a baby for over a year to waking up multiple times in a night to care for a sick baby, the hard work always pays off.

10. You'll relax about some things.
I'm not quite as stressed about sleeping or milestones with Ani as I was with Ella.

11. You'll learn to carry both a toddler and a baby at the same time.
But you probably won't love doing it (and your back and shoulders REALLY won't love you doing it).

12. Nothing will entertain your child like her sibling.
And the sight of them giggling and laughing together will make you want to die of joy.

- By Janssen Bradshaw

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