Summer trends: Simple ways for moms to spruce up their hair

Switching up your 'do is one of the easiest ways to make a statement this summer. In the same way a fresh wardrobe makes a mom feel like a new person, a new head of hair can do the same. Summer 2012 is all about keeping things fun, playful and youthful. Check out the following four summer 2012 hair color trends and convince yourself to change things up a bit for the hot months.

Blonde Locks

What's more appropriate for summer than natural-looking blonde hair? Skip the super platinum and instead opt for multi-dimensional blonde blocks. Think darker or brassy roots, buttery highlights and hints of champagne. If you're going blonde for the first time, head to the salon to have the work done. Not only will a hair stylist ensure your hair looks natural, she'll make sure it doesn't get damaged in the process.

Pop of Color

Whether you're bold enough to go permanent or simply want to try a bit of color for a day or two, consider adding a pop of color to your coiffure at some point throughout this summer. Bright colors such as pink, teal, yellow and blue are all trendy options. And no - you don't have to be a teen or 20-something to pull this off. Joan Rivers and other older, refined women have been seen sporting flashy colors in their manes. Try well-placed streaks or even colored tips -- your options are endless.

Ombre Effect

For those unaware, ombre refers to a smooth transition of colors. Ombre was big on the 2012 runway and, since then, has made its way onto red carpet events and streets across the country. An ombre effect works especially well on brunettes, but blondes, redheads and super dark-haired folks can play with this look, as well. Ideas include going from dark at the top to lighter on the bottom (or the inverse). Brunettes can go from brown at the top and transition into red, blonde or a random pop of color at the bottom. Blondes can start light at the top and transition to brown, red or a pop of color. The same idea applies for redheads and darker-haired gals.

Subtle Highlights

If neon streaks in your hair is frowned upon at the office and if ombre just isn't your thing, consider a slightly more subtle hair change. One of summer 2012's hottest hair color trends is subtle highlights, suitable for just about every single head of hair. For best results, select a shade that's one to two shades lighter than your current shade and ask your stylist to highlight in small, thin strands as opposed to thick and chunky pieces. The end effect? Multi-dimensional, pretty locks that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Content by Wendy Rose Gould .