3 Reasons Santa Shouldn’t Wrap Presents

Gifts from Santa.If you ask a crowd of people whether presents from Santa should be wrapped or not chances are you will get answers split pretty much right down the middle. It seems that most people prefer whichever method they grew up with. I grew up in a house where Santa didn't wrap the presents, and I'm a firm believer in it, but not just because of the traditions of my family. Here are three reasons I believe Santa should skip the wrapping.

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1. Wrapping Increases Your Chances of Exposing the Truth about the Big Guy
When Santa wraps presents, he needs to use his own wrapping paper, not one from your closet. That means that you will have to buy an extra roll (or several) of wrapping paper, hide said roll from your children, and dispose of any excess pieces of that roll before your children spot it. Kids are very observant, and as soon as junior asks why Grandma's gift is wrapped in the same paper as his presents from Santa your cover will likely be blown, and that's no fun.

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2. It's Wasteful
During the holiday season we are already wrapping up loads of presents for all of our loved ones beyond the children, and all of that paper just gets shredded to pieces and tossed in the garbage (or hopefully the recycling). It's an incredibly wasteful process. How many other products do you buy just to tear apart and throw away? Help the planet and save some money during this time when your resources are already stretched.

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3. Don't You Already Have Enough to Do?
The last time I checked, most of us weren't sitting around eating bon bons and sipping hot cocoa leading up to the holidays. Most of us are cutting things down to the wire. Last minute trips to the shopping mall, baking cookies, and preparing a holiday meal are time consuming enough. Why add wrapping gifts from Santa to the list when it's perfectly acceptable not to? I'd rather enjoy that time with my family and getting a good night's sleep instead of wrapping gifts into the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Eve.

For everyone who thinks that it's not as much fun to have unwrapped presents, I must say that it never bothered me as a kid. We all gathered on the staircase, and when my parents gave us the go ahead we went running into the family room, and that's what we do with our kids too. It's still a giant surprise. Plus, by not wrapping the presents, all of our toys were already put together and ready to play with as soon as we spotted them which was unlike unwrapping any other presents we got throughout the year. That was part of the magic of Santa-he delivered things assembled!

So I highly encourage you not to wrap Santa's gifts this year. Just try it, and I bet you'll be glad you did!

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