4th of July Outfit Ideas for Children

Independence Day is just around the corner! Though I often resist the urge to dress my family in matching attire, striving for complementary colors and prints instead, I love putting my three daughters in identical pieces for the 4 th of July. Maybe it's the desire to show off our patriotic spirit or the fact that I can spot them easier in a crowd if they're all dressed alike. Whatever the reason, I'm already planning my daughters' 4th of July outfits!

Basic: Red, White & Blue

Go basic with red, white, and blue attire for the entire family. Put mom, dad and the kids in red t-shirts, blue jean shorts/ capris /jeans, and white tennis shoes. This basic outfit won't require a lot of hunting and shopping, but can make your family easily identifiable in a crowd while you're watching the fireworks or walking along the beach.

Homemade: Fabric Pens/Paint

Your kids will love getting in on the craft when it comes to decorating their own Independence Day attire. Plain white t-shirts adorned with fabric pens and paint are a fun idea for homemade 4 th of July attire for the entire family.

Old Glory Inspired: Flags for the Family

There's no better attire for the family on the 4 th of July than t-shirts with flags and jeans. This basic, all American style is perfect for family and neighborhood BBQs and watching fireworks.

Simple: Sundresses & Sandals

If matching isn't your style, and you're blessed with daughters as I am, consider sundresses in complementary colors. Have a trio of girls? Put one in red, one in white, and one in blue. White sandals are the perfect finishing touch for this Independence Day outfit.

Practical: Iron-On Decals

Do your kids have jeans that need mending and t-shirts that aren't quite polished enough for dining out? Iron-on decals with flags and other patriotic symbols are perfect choices for the 4 th of July. Head to your local craft store with the kids and stock up. Let the kids select the decals they want to wear and you do the ironing!

Sparkling: Glittery Goodness

While glitter is the bane of my existence as a homemaker, it's one of my daughters' favorites for crafting and on their attire. Get glittery with your Independence Day gear this year. Use puff-paint glitter glue or fabric glue with regular glitter to add some sparkle to your 4 th of July attire. The kids will love the activity, as well as the finished product!

Content by Kelly Herdrich.