5 Easy Hairstyles that Keep You Cool

Sweltering summer temperatures can leave a complicated hairstyle in a wilted mess. Nobody wants to show up to a warm-weather soiree looking like they just walked out of the shower. Keep your cool by mixing up hot fashions with easy hairdos. Don't get stuck with same, tired looks; this year, try something new. You can work these five easy hair looks without taking a cosmetology class!

Low-side ponytail: All hair lengths can rock this look. For the best results, control your hair by rubbing in a quarter-sized amount of mousse into your dry hair. Gather the hair, using your fingers, below one of your ears. Cinch the hair together with a pretty ponytail holder. Slip a floral headband into your hair to control fly away strands.

Pom-pom ponytails: Perfect for medium and long hair lengths, these dual pom-pom ponytails make a dainty, youthful look - and they are cool! Use a comb to create two sections of hair at the back of the head. Comb together two low ponytails but instead of pulling the hair through completely on the last wrap, tuck the end of the hair into the elastic. Tug the hair to make a pom-pom. It's okay if the hair isn't smooth, that's what makes this look so fun and easy.

Classic, wrapped ponytail: Yes, it's been around for a while but the hairstyle is quite simple to wear. Pull the hair back at the center back of your head. Comb out a 2-inch section of hair and wrap it around the hair elastic to cover it. Secure the end of the hair under the ponytail with a bobby pin or just tuck the bottom under the ponytail. The classic wrapped ponytail looks best on long hair lengths.

Stacked bob
: This hairstyle requires an initial cut but it's worth the salon trip. A stacked bob has a trimmed back with longer attractive sides. It keeps your neck cool and is quite simple to dress up. Slide a decorative comb to pull up on side. Stars like Jenny McCarthy love this style!

Messy braid:
Braids have made a comeback (thanks, Katniss) but you don't have to wear complicated French braids. A single, loose braid gathers the hair off your shoulders and looks great with a casual or dressy outfit. Tuck a summer flower into the braid and you are ready to go!

Content by Monica Bullock .