5 Family Movies for a Rainy Day

Stuck inside? Beat cabin fever with five films the whole family (teenagers included!) will love.

Monsters, Inc.Monsters, Inc. (2001)
In the city of Monstropolis, power is generated by extracting the screams of children when they are scared by monsters in their rooms at night. However, it turns out that the monsters themselves are also scared of children! When one innocent little girl accidentally winds up in Monstropolis, things start to take one wild turn after another. One of Pixar's earlier efforts, this film features the brilliant voice-over work of Billy Crystal and John Goodman. Rated G.

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Ice Age (2002, 2006, 2009)
TV's Ray Romano voices the character of Manfred, a wooly mammoth who is trying to migrate south to escape the ice age. His loner ways are soon ended when he is joined by an annoying sloth and an untrustworthy saber-toothed tiger. The three undertake a perilous journey to reunite a orphaned human baby with her tribe. This popular film generated two sequels. Rated PG.

Finding Nemo (2003)
A brave little fish is saved from captivity by his dad and a friend named Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres). The animation of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is nothing short of breathtaking. Rated G.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
The third in the series is the first to capture the magical spirit of J. K. Rowling's books. It's another year at Hogwarts and Harry finds himself in danger yet again; this time he's on the lookout for his fugitive godfather, who's on the run from magical law enforcement. While little ones may enjoy the first two movies in the series, be wary of continuing; this dark material is better suited to older kids. Rated PG.

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The Incredibles (2004)
Married superhoes retire and attempt to live a quiet, normal life in the suburbs with their kids. The fun starts when an enemy threatens the world and forces them back into action - kids and all. A very funny film with dazzling animation and a surprisingly deep story. Rated PG.

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