5 Household Problem-Solvers for Less Than $6

VelcroVelcroThese clever little helpers do jobs much bigger than their size and their price tag. -by Melissa Thomas for This Old House

Wrangle a Stack of Materials

What it is:
Self-locking reusable ribbon "tape" (think one-sided Velcro).

Why you need it:
Because it ties together pieces of molding and stacks of lumber without sticking to the surfaces-again and again. Scotch Bundling Wrap, available at 3M.com

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Cut Power to Appliances

What it is:
A single-plug adapter with an on-off switch.

Why you need it:
Because your toaster oven shouldn't be a vampire when it's done browning your English muffin. Outlet Switch, available at harrietcarter.com

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Furniture risersFurniture risers

Steady a Table

What it is:
A set of adjustable feet that can raise furniture ½ inch to 1¼ inches.

Why you need it:
Because the stack of matchbooks just won't stay put underneath your wobbly coffee table. Leveling Trio, available at sciplus.com

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Unstick a Vacuum Seal

What it is:
A ball-check valve you can install on your garbage bin to let trapped air escape.

Why you need it:
Because wrestling a full trash bag out of the can shouldn't be such a struggle. Vacuum Release Device , available at sciplus.com

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Soda-bottle hooksSoda-bottle hooks

Organize Small Stuff

What it is:
A carabiner-type hook that screws on to soda-bottle tops.

Why you need it:
Because Diet Coke empties can hold your hardware: Cut hole in side of bottle, fill with nails, screw on hook, hang in garage. Cinchtite Hooks, available at sciplus.com