5 Minutes to Fabulous with a Simple Morning Makeup Routine

Frantic mornings with kids can wreak havoc on a mom's attempt to prepare for the day. Makeup artist Beth Carter shows Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini how to go from frumpy to fabulous in just five minutes.

-Step one: Choose a foundation or a concealer to spot treat red areas on the face. Spot treating saves time and doesn't require as much blending into the skin. Carter recommends using your ringers to apply the foundation or concealer because it's the weakest finger on your hand, "so you won't stretch or pull the skin in any way."

-Step two: Apply a bronzer. "Some of the bronzers that you find out there have a lot of shimmer and a lot of glitter in them," explains Carter. "They serve a different purpose. But for this, we just want to use a nice, matte, natural bronzer." Women with olive or dark skin tones should use a bronzer that has gold tones and use it as a highlight.

No time for make up? Get fabulous in five minutes.-Step three: Apply eyeshadow in a subdued hue, one that's more of an every day color, across the top lid. If you want, you can added a touch just under the eye. To avoid sprinkles of shadow falling across your face and clothes, fold a tissue and hod it under your eye while you put your shadow on.

-Step 4: Add color to your lips. "Always have some color on your mouth because it's gonna wake you up," says Carter. "Choose what's going on in fashion so you don't age yourself."

-Step 5: Tame your eyebrows. Carter says if you're in a rush and don't have full eyebrows, dress them up before in place of adding mascara to your lashes. "It is so important," says Carter. "They will bring your face out and fill out your face." She recommends that women choose a color lighter than their hair color. And if you have an extra minute to spare? Bring on the mascara.

What's your go-to makeup routine when you only have a few minutes to prepare for the day?

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