7 Fall Beauty Essentials

Make sure you have eyebrow gel on hand this fall.

Fall's most-coveted beauty looks include a lineup of bold and dramatic hues, dark and moody color palettes, and luminous, flawless skin. Make sure you're well-prepared for your seasonal makeover with products that will help you become an autumn beauty in a flash. You'll need to modify your skincare and beauty routine for the season, and can also pick up some double-duty products to create those looks with ease.

Here are seven beauty essentials for fall:

1. Dark-colored lip gloss. This is the season for the bold lip and if you're not too keen on wearing lipstick this season, go with a lightweight gloss in a darker color. Just line your lips with a matching color and fill then out with a burgundy, dark cranberry, or purple lip gloss.

2. Smoky eyeshadow palette. Create high-drama eyes this season with a purple-based smoky eyeshadow palette. An eyeshadow duo or quad that helps you create a layered look with pinks, purples, and greys will be perfect for fall. Wear the color wet or dry depending on whether you want a subtle or more dramatic look for the season.

3. Dark purple nail polish. Nails get a makeover alluring purples this season. Trade those cherry red and darker red hues for an array of rich purple colors to add a touch of mystery and glamour to your look.

4. Volumizing and lengthening mascara. Keeping in line with the season's trend of dramatic eyes, super-long and thick lashes are a must with both your daytime and nighttime looks. Invest in a mascara with a tapered brush that will lengthen, curl, and add volume to your lashes in a few simple steps. If you have the patience and skill to wear false eyelashes, make sure you pick up a style that creates a fuller effect and holds a strong curl.

5. Cheek tint or blush. A simple way to freshen up your look for fall is by wearing a rose-tinted blush or cheek tint. Go with a pink or fuchsia shade by day, and purple-based hues by night to add a little color to the apples of your cheeks. Just make sure to blend all the way up the cheekbones to create those contours.

6. All-in-one stick. When you don't have a lot of time to do your makeup in the morning, use a multi-purpose product like an all-in-one stick to speed up your routine. Look for a stick that's an exact match for your skin color and use it as a concealer and highlighter. If you're keeping your eye makeup simple for the day, use the stick to add a hint of color to the lids and finish with some eyeliner and a few coats of mascara.

7. Eyebrow gel. Create the strong brow for fall with the help of an eyebrow gel. This gel helps to create more definition by brushing out and securing your brows in place. Use it keep your brows looking sculpted and defined without the need for layers of brow powder or liner.