7 Ways to Get Your Kids Moving Outside

Recent child development research recommends that kids between the ages of 1 and 4 to get 180 minutes of activity per day. Adding this to the news that nearly half of preschool children are not taken outside to play by their parents daily, I feel a little brainstorming would be helpful for all of us to figure out ways to get our little tigers out and about. Spring has sprung, so now that the weather is officially on the upswing, it's time! The extra hours of light should encourage you all to get off the computer and out the door. Here are 7 ideas to get you started:

Grab a ball and go outsideGrab a ball and go outside1. Grab a ball and go outside

Quick! This is your chance to make them love your favorite sport while they're young and won't protest. Play with them. Parents need exercise too! There are plenty of toddler sports classes, too, so look for some in your area.

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Get to a local parkGet to a local park2. Get to a local park
A trip to the park is a great way to avoid the late-afternoon lulls that often cause crankiness (in kids and parents!).

Invest in a trampolineInvest in a trampoline3. Invest in a trampoline

We don't really have space for both a tramp and a big play structure in our backyard, but our kids loved our friends tramp so much that we decided to go with that instead of a pricier play structure. Just a few minutes jumping on a trampoline is great exercise!

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Enroll him or her in a swim classEnroll him or her in a swim class4. Enroll him or her in a swim class

For your child's safety, they should learn to swim as soon as possible. It'll make your life a lot less stressful this summer.

Go for a nature walkGo for a nature walk5. Go for a nature walk.
A nature walk need not be anything huge. Anywhere where there's trees and flowers to look at will suffice. A walk around the block.

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Play running gamesPlay running games6. Play running games

Tag! Red Light, Green Light! Red Rover! Or a good old fashioned "I'm gonna get you!" Making it a game will help them have fun while burning a ton of energy.

Dance PartyDance Party7. Dance party

A dance party is a great way to burn energy any time, any place and in any weather. Plus, it's fun for mom too!

- By Naomi Odes Aytur
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