9 Tricks to Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine

Tinted eyelashes for a faster beauty routineYou can look perfect, even when you are in a rush. Speed up your routine and get out the door more quickly with these head-to-toe tricks.

1. Shower at Night
It sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how much time you can save by getting your shower out of the way the night before. If skipping your morning rinse is out of the question, think about forgoing washing your hair instead. Bedhead and messy updos are in, after all.

2. Use Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo may be a staple in just about every busy woman's medicine cabinet, and we can't sing its praises enough. Skip washing your hair with these innovative sprays that mask oil, dirt, and odor on dirty hair. Look for powdery sprays that also add volume to make it seem like you've just had a blowout.

3. Style While You Sleep

Take a cue from model Lily Aldridge and get ready the night before. "I like to do my hair at night," the model told ELLE.com. "That way, when I wake up in the morning, I have the perfect no-fuss waves."

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4. Organize Your Beauty Cabinet
A five-minute face is doable, if you keep your beauty products organized. Knowing exactly where everything is will speed up your routine and cut your time almost in half. Utilize vintage jars for storing brushes, pencils, and mascaras and try trays for stacking compacts and lipsticks.

5. Save Time With Two-in-One Products
Edit your makeup bag (and streamline the process) by choosing products that multitask. A CC cream that conceals, protects, and moisturizes your skin; a cheek and lip tint; an eyelash tint that thickens your lashes to look like you have eyeliner on; and an eye shadow stick that doubles as a liner and shadow will all help cut steps and speed up your routine.

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6. Use Red Lipstick
Red lipstick might be the ultimate glamour statement, but it's also the go-to for fashion's (resourceful) It girls. Kate Moss's smudgy day-after eye makeup and bedhead waves appear instantly pulled together by adding a rich crimson pout into the mix. Consider red lipstick for those days when you just don't have the time for anything else.

7. Invest in Tinted Lash Treatments
If you're the kind of woman who can't leave the house without mascara (we hear you), then consider getting your lashes and brows tinted. Lashes will appear fuller, darker, and longer-just like they have mascara on them-while brows will appear more groomed and shaped.

8. Save Time with Waxing
Shave off a few minutes (literally) by switching to a razor with its own built-in lubrication. Or, consider getting your legs waxed during skirt season. The effects will last up to a few months.

9. Multitask Your Skincare

Skip the multiple steps it takes to apply lotion, SPF, and perfume, and instead reach for a product that takes care of these needs all at once. (Editor's Note: This is the exact product we use in the summer, and we can't tell you how many people stop us to ask what we're wearing.)

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