Am I the Only One Whose Kids Think They Could Be Olympic Athletes?

Am I the Only One With Kids Who Think They Could Be Olympic Athletes?Am I the Only One With Kids Who Think They Could Be Olympic Athletes?So, the Olympics started Friday night, and on a related note, nothing has gotten done at our house since Friday night.

Yup. We are crazy addicted to the Olympics. I've always been a fan of sitting on my butt, eating a bowl of chips and watching the best athletes in the world duke it out. This year has been really fun, because I have Gomer, 7, and Adolpha, 5, to share my chips and dream of Olympic gold with.

I remember watching the Olympics as a child and it hasn't changed much, except my kids have been exposed to many more sports than me they think they can win a gold in just about every event!

Gomer: Badminton looks pretty easy. I could do that. I would smoke 'em!

Hubs: Gomer, did you know the shuttlecock is flying at close to 200 miles per hour? I don't think you could do that.

Gomer: Ohh table tennis! I could win that event, no problem! Wait. Where's the ball? Are they hitting anything? It's kind of fast.

Adolpha: I love gymnastics. I'm really good at the balance beam.

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Gomer: Oh yeah! There's a girl at the gym who can totally do those bar things. She can go from the low one to the high one.

Adolpha: Oh yeah, I've seen her! She's good. Is she at the Olympics?

Me: I doubt it, guys. She's a gymnastics teacher at a rec center. These girls are a lot better.

Gomer: Hmm….maybe a little bit better. I can do the rings.

Hubs: What can you do on the rings?

Gomer: Swing on them mostly, but I can do a flip. Don't the men do a flip on the ring?

Hubs: They do more than a flip, Gomer. You have to be super strong to do the rings.

Gomer: But you're strong enough, right, Dad?

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Hubs: Definitely not.

Gomer: Really? I thought you'd be stronger than those guys since you're so much older.

Me: It doesn't work that way, Gomer.

Gomer: You could do archery, Dad. I don't think you have to be very strong for that.

Hubs: Those compound bows are very difficult to use. You need to be strong to for all these sports.

Adolpha: Even running? You don't have to pick up anything heavy for running.

Me: Runners are very strong and fast.

Gomer: Hey, we haven't seen any track and field! When is that? I rock the discus on Xbox!

Adolpha: Swimming is on, Gomer. You're a good swimmer. You can do the backstroke.

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Gomer: Yeah I can! Hmmm … they look kind of fast. Is fencing on one of the channels? I can totally fence!

Hubs: Yes, you know how to fence, but you have to practice a lot more than you do now to get to the Olympics.

Adolpha: Or you could just play soccer at the Olympics, Gomer.

Gomer: Yeah, I'll do soccer.

Adolpha: Me too … or gymnastics.

Adolpha: Oh wait! Oooh, I like the skirts those girls wear. What sport is that?

Me: Field hockey.

Adolpha: Ewww … hockey is for boys, but I like those skirts…

I remember being a child and thinking I could be Nadia. Ahh, I miss that overwhelming confidence I had as a child. It's nice to see it again in my kids.

-By Jen Mann-Li
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