Beautiful, Glowing Summer Skin in 10 Steps

Legendary diva and designer Coco Chanel knew a thing or two about fashion - she started the tanning craze! Chanel shocked society when she walked off her yacht (post-Mediterranean vacation) sporting bronzed skin. Since her daring debut, women and men around the world consider a tan to be a sign of health and vitality. Today, the skin science shows that tanning, indoors or outdoors, can take a toll on your health but most everyone wants beautiful summer skin. The best, healthiest results come when bronze-seekers go for the glow at the cellular level and don't rely on sunburns.

1. Start by limiting your sun exposure. Be sun aware! You want to get your glow the healthy way. Replace those under-performing skin care products with ones that contain sunscreen (30 SPF and above is best). When heading outdoors, protect the skin with oversized sunglasses and stay covered.

2. Balance the booze with water. Sipping a few cocktails poolside is a summer tradition you don't want to abandon but even small amounts of alcohol can steal your skin's moisture. Issue yourself a personal challenge: For every cocktail drink six ounces of water. Replenish your body and stay hydrated.

3. Stimulate your skin. Slip into the shower and exfoliate the skin with a delicious, scented sugar scrub. Invest in your glow by purchasing a hand loofah and a body brush. Spring for a massage once a month to really get the circulation moving; this creates a warm, rosy glow.

4. Try overnight hydration. Slathering your feet with petroleum jelly before sliding them into a pair of high heels could prove dangerous! Play it safe and practice overnight hydration. Apply petroleum jelly to the hands, feet and legs while the skin is still warm from your bath and shower. Hydrated skin will "wake up" ready for the day.

5. Wear fabrics that breathe. If your skin isn't looking its best, it could be smothered! Wrapping your body in hot clothing will stifle your natural glow. A sexy tan linen skirt and a white cotton blouse are simple choices that flatter your skin.

6. Sport natural-looking makeup. Okay, once you've started on your journey for glowing summer skin, don't hide it! An all-natural makeup look will play up your skin's beauty. Update your foundation makeup with products that match your summer skin tones. Shop for eye, cheek and lip cosmetics that contain a dab of flattering shimmer.

7. Rub on bronzing lotion. Perhaps you tried a bronzer five years ago but didn't like the results. These skin shading products have come a long way. No more orange! (In most cases, anyway.) For a continual, summer-long glow, replace your regular body lotion with a subtle bronzer. After a few days or weeks, your skin gets that sexy Caribbean shade, without the sun dangers.

8. Follow Mother Nature's diet. Skip the processed foods and opt for natural choices. Summer berries provide skin-boosting antioxidants and fresh greens give you a cellular boost that helps heal the skin. Don't forget to incorporate healthy Omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Healthy fats give a pretty glow; unhealthy fats make skin look dull and unattractive.

9. Shave your legs regularly. Sleek, smooth legs say, "Hey! Look at me!" During summer, whisk away hairs by waxing or shaving regularly. Display the skin without the hair.

10. Treat your feet nice. When your toes look neat and freshly painted, you'll want to show them off. Dry, crusty foot skin steals the show. Spend some time, or a few dollars, on your foot care. It's a fun yet worthy splurge.

No matter what your natural skin tone, you can enjoy a sultry glow in just a few steps.

Content by Monica Bullock .
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