Big Daddy: 7 Things that Make Me Feel like an Awesome Father

7 moments that make my husband feel like the best dad ever7 moments that make my husband feel like the best dad everWe all have our own little moments where we feel like we're really getting it right as a parent. For me it's things like enjoying a homecooked meal as a family, reading to my kids in bed, and taking long nature walks outside together. And yet, when I talk to my husband, he has a totally different list of moments that make him feel like a great parent. Here are 7 things that make my husband feel like the best dad ever.

1. Showing her neat or useful tricks...
Like walking backwards and how to count with her fingers.

2. Making up endless stories for her entertainment
Such as the most recent one about two hippos, one of whom was actually a flamingo that thought he was a hippo, and their adventure being chased by a dog who just wanted to be friends.

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3. Sticking to the rules once they have been set
We make sure to set reasonable rules with a purpose and really do our best to stick to them. The whining is not hard for me to stay firm on. It's the very smiley, pleasant "please"s that make providing stability like this sometimes difficult.

4. Sharing my food - even desserts - liberally with her
I love food, but somehow I love this little girl more. Who'd have guessed?

5. Daddy daughter dates on Saturday mornings
I sometimes wonder if she'll have fun and whether the time will drag, but we always end up having a great time and staying out longer than I expect.

6. Encouraging her to take on new challenges and "do hard things"
It's truly gratifying when she repeats the phrase her mommy taught her, "I can do hard things," upon completion of a challenging task.

7. Showing undying interest and love for her regardless of the situation
Whether she is being a sweet little angel or is misbehaving, I want her to always be able to see that I am completely devoted to her and her happiness. When I think there is a perceived disconnect, such as when I stick to rules whose value she may not understand, I try to explain myself clearly so she can understand the underlying reasons.

- By Janssen Bradshaw
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