Can Toilet Paper Rolls Make Your Life Easier?

Next time you’re about to toss that toilet paper roll in the trash, think again! On this episode of "Easy Does It," crafter Kirsten Earl shows Ereka just a few of the many innovative ways to reuse and recycle old rolls.

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Looking for a great way to impress people at a party? You can create your own boom box out of a toilet paper roll and a set of cups. Simply decorate the roll as you like, cut out a slot the size of your phone, and cut holes in the cups just big enough for the toilet paper roll to fit in. The best part? It really works. “It’s a fun party trick and a great craft,” Kirsten says.

If your cords are a tangled mess under your desk, Kirsten has a great tip to organize them. “All you need are some trusty toilet paper rolls and a box,” she says. Wrap up some of your stray cords, slide them into toilet paper rolls, and label each roll with its proper use. Arrange the rolled up cords in a box for easy access in the future.

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You can even use a recycled roll for a little spring-cleaning. Try placing a paper towel roll on the end of your vacuum’s arm for a little extra reach. Pinch the end of the cardboard to get into those pesky narrow spaces.

Tune in to today’s "Easy Does It" to watch Ereka and Kirsten share these creative and practical ideas that will keep you from tossing that toilet paper roll in the trash!