Clean Your House in 15 Minutes

Are you tired of spending your weekends cleaning the house instead of spending time having fun with your family? According to home expert Kelly Edwards, you can easily solve this problem by making little changes to your daily routine and making cleaning a lifestyle choice.

"Now, that doesn't sound very exciting," Edwards tells Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini. "However, when you think of it in the context of, 'I'm gonna wake up in the morning and I'm gonna immediately make my bed, or when the mail comes in I'm gonna go through it and I'm done. Or something like right before dinner, throw in a load of laundry...that way when you put the kids to bed, you can fold it. Done, done and done. At the end of the week, it's like 5 loads are done."

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Edwards believes that by tidying up over the course of the week, you'll free up time on your weekends. "You're not literally siting there worrying on a Saturday or Sunday about cleaning your house instead of playing with your children." And? She says you can make your home sparkle in 15 minutes. "The idea is obviously that this isn't going to work on a huge place but if you have a one or two bedroom it's the small little things that you can do that can really transform a space without spending a lot of time."

The first step to get your cleaning supplies organized. Start with a good storage caddy that you can carry from room to room. It should have a multipurpose cleaner, good sponges and reusable or paper towels.

Now for your plan of attack.

In the first give minutes, start off by going to each room that has things that should be sprayed with the multipurpose cleaner -- the tub, shower, kitchen sink, countertops -- and let the spray sit. Next up, take an empty hamper and go from room to room picking up all the items that don't belong in those areas. Redistribute them in the correct spot as you go.

In the next five minutes, tackle the kitchen. "Wipe down the countertops, through all those dishes in the dishwasher. Do a quick mop, done, done and done," says Edwards. "Run to the bathroom, do the same thing. Your cleaner's already been working, so you're gonna wipe down the tub, wipe down the countertops, spray the mirror, shake out that rug and you're done."

With only five minutes left to spare, Edwards recommends focusing on the living room and bedroom. Make the bed, fluff up the pillows, and wipe down the coffee table and nightstands.

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