Create a Relaxing Family Bathroom

Organization is key to a relaxing bathroom.

Whether you have one bathroom or three, the last thing you want to do when you're in there is feel overwhelmed with clutter or messiness. You don't need your bathroom to be as comfortable as your family room or bedroom, but don't want it to feel like a doctor's office waiting room, either. What can you do to create a relaxing bathroom the entire family can enjoy?

Utilize organizational tools.

Baskets, buckets, and bins are the perfect organizational tools for your bathroom. Keep cleaning products together (and locked away from little hands), store makeup in one bag, and place a basket by the toilet for (ahem) reading material. The more compartmentalized you keep things in your bathroom the more organized and relaxing it will be.

Keep clutter out of sight.

You're storing items in bins and baskets, but where are you placing them? To the extent possible, a relaxing bathroom is clutter-free. You should strive to keep items in medicine cabinets and under the sink. If you don't have those options available, consider a small corner cabinet for your bathroom, but be wary of overcrowding the room.

Provide reading material.

While magazines may or may not be necessary for adults, a relaxing family bathroom in my home also includes children's books and magazines. These are especially essential if you have a potty-training toddler in the house.

Fluff it up.

A rug by the toilet and/or the sink will really help to create a more relaxing bathroom atmosphere. Fluffy bathroom towels, even as hand towels in a half bathroom, may seem to provide the same comfortable effect. So fluff up your bathroom!

Empty the trash.

Add "empty the bathroom trash can" to your weekly chore list. A relaxing bathroom won't have an overflowing or stinky trash can. Since the bathroom trash can is often forgotten, make sure that's someone's job at least once a week.

Wipe down the sink.

Your family bathroom will look and feel much more relaxing if the sink is clean. Encourage family members to wipe down or rinse the sink after they brush their teeth and wash their hands. It will help keep the room cleaner and more presentable for guests.

Add a candle.

Adding a scented candle to your bathroom will help the room look, feel, and smell more like a regular room. Candles are simple and practical bathroom accents that pack a lot of punch.

How have you made your bathroom more relaxing and practical for your entire family?

Content by Kelly Herdrich.