DIY Ninja Valentines Go Straight for the Heart

Easy DIY valentines perfect for school.Easy DIY valentines perfect for school.This project is cute, easy and clever! Boys (and girls who love ninjas!) will enjoy both the theme and hidden chocolate bar. I used a full-sized bar, which would be great to give to a teacher, but you could quickly make a bunch of these from fun-sized bars to distribute to a whole classroom!


Chocolate bar
Cardstock: black or red and white
Black marker
Foam heart

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1. Cut a rectangle of red or black cardstock that wraps around a chocolate bar and overlaps itself by about 1/2". Don't glue yet - set the chocolate bar aside.

2. Cut out a long, skinny rectangle for the arms. It should be about 1" shorter than the width of the wrapper you just made. Also cut out two simple hands and a rectangle for the eyes out of white cardstock.

3. Glue the hands to the ends of the arm piece. Cut a rectangle for the face out of the wrapper, then glue the small white rectangle behind the hole. Make two dots for eyes with the black marker. Wrap the chocolate bar with the face/body wrapper and glue it shut. Glue the arms to the back so they stick out of the sides. Add a foam heart to the ninja's chest.

4. Pose the arms so that they are in a fighting stance with one arm extended and one arm bent over the body.

-By Marigold Haske

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