Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Home and Life

Clutter is a common home decor for families with young children. Parents aggregate an abominable hodgepodge of kid gear that only grows as their children get older. A recent report by UCLA's Center on Everyday Lives of Families found that each new child in a household "leads to a 30-percent increase in a family's inventory of possessions during the preschool years alone." Organization expert Tracy McCubbin says the source of the clutter is delayed decision-making. On Easy Does It with Ereka Vitrini, McCubbin shares simple ways families can free their homes -- and lives -- of clutter by letting go.

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"I come from a family of hoarders so I just see people, what I like to say is, they're being owned by their stuff," says McCubbin, "and it's super emotional and we don't know what to let go of. We don't know how to make kind of smarter, unemotional decisions about our stuff." McCubbin runs dClutterfly, where she works to help their customers change their relationship with their belongings.

Get your kids involved in de-cluttering your home.McCubbin says the first step in dealing with clutter is to start with the purge. "Look at your food cupboard and say, my family's never gonna to eat creamed corn, my family's never gonna eat this. Take that food; donate it to the local food bank."

Next up, find clever ways to use what you already have as storage options. Paper towel holders can be used to store camera cords or computer cables. A bento box could be used as portable storage on a desk. "Containment is the name of the game," says McCubbin.

The expert de-clutterer also recommends that if parents have young children, make early decisions about what you want to keep and what you are willing to part with...especially when it comes to artwork. McCubbin encourages parents to display artwork. "If you think it's worth keeping, then put it up."

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