Fix Your Kids' Stuffy Nose Symptoms

Stock up on tissues before your kids get sick.

Now that cold and flu season is officially here, you'll want to make sure your family is well-prepared for stuffy nose symptoms and other common side effects of those cold-weather health problems. Making sure kids adopt some good habits for keeping germs at bay will take some time, but there are several things any mom can do to make sure family members aren't spreading germs or making their symptoms worse.

Here are some useful tips to take care of your kids' stuffy nose symptoms:

Stock up on tissues. Keep tissues in every room of the house so that kids can blow their nose as needed. Invest in some high-quality tissues that contain moisturizers and other emollients. These tissues will prevent skin irritation and are much softer than your average tissue. Encourage kids to throw away a used tissue shortly after using it so that they don't spread germs.

Run the humidifier.
Keep skin moist by running a humidifier in the drier areas of the home. A humidifier can be especially beneficial for those who tend to have dry and flaky skin during the winter months. Consider putting a humidifier in the family room or a kid's bedroom this season.

Manage congestion with a hot shower.
A hot shower can be very soothing for anyone suffering from stuffy nose symptoms and may also relieve congestion. A steamy shower with a touch of eucalyptus oil can be especially refreshing when dealing with cold and flu symptoms. Encourage kids to take a steamy shower before bedtime to help them relax, and to reduce congestion and stuffy nose symptoms.

Use a skin lubricant.
Use a lubricant under the nose to keep dry and irritated skin as moist as possible. Moisture is essential for healing those rough and dry patches of skin that can develop around the nose during a bad cold. Use a good moisturizer or skin oil to protect, nourish, and heal inflamed skin.

Pack a stack of tissues.
Whether the kids are heading off to school, a play date, or spending a few hours playing outdoors, make it easy for them to manage a stuffy or runny nose with their own pack of tissues. Miniature tissue packs are easy to carry around in a jacket pocket or small bag. Kids will need to have these on hand to avoid wiping their nose on coat and sweater sleeves. A stack of antibacterial wipes can also help to keep germs at bay this season.

Content by Sabah Karimi.