Food-Free Favors for Birthday Parties

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It's your lil one's birthday and school doesn't allow treats. What to do? We received an email from a mom stuck in this exact situation, searching for creative, food-free ideas for making her son's big day a hit in the classroom - without busting the budget. After searching our favorite sites, we've found fun toys and gadgets perfect for tots of all ages. To cut down on costs, simply purchase them in bulk and package them up in cute goodie bags. Even if your celebration allows cakes and candies, these fun playthings are great additions to any party.

  • Assorted Plastic Stamps (50 for $32): Here's a collection of silly stamps that make great school party gifts. With symbols like hearts, rainbows, funny faces, and butterflies, there's a stamp for everyone in this collection.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncing Balls (48 for $29): Kids will have hours of fun bouncing these glow-in-the-dark rubber balls. After being exposed to a light source, kids will be amazed while bouncing these balls in the dark.
  • Recycled Building Block Crayons (12 for $11): For building or coloring, these building-block crayons are fun for boys and girls. Hand-poured, nontoxic, and safe for kids over 3.

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  • Assorted Grow-an-Insect Toy Figures (48 for $7): Individually wrapped and ready for popping in goodie bags, these growing foam insects are safe for kids over the age of 3. Kids will love watching as the insects grow and grow!
  • Play-Doh Party Bag (15 for $10): Here's a party pack of squishy dough that makes a great school gift at your lil's birthday celebration.
  • Lady Bug Bottlecap Necklaces (6 for $12): Give on their own or add to a bug-themed goodie bag, these bug necklaces are a festive birthday party favor. Handmade from Etsy seller Bling For U2, the necklaces are made from flattened nickel and lead-free bottle caps.
  • Pull-Back Vehicles (12 for $10): These city vehicles are small and seriously friction-powered. Kids will love pulling back these minicars and watching as they zoom all over the place.
  • Foam Masks (12 for $10): Here's a collection of cute, animal-themed foam masks that make fun party favors for kids of all ages. Masks come with elastic bands and are sized to fit tots' heads perfectly.

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  • '80s Shutter Shade Sunglasses (12 for $29): In an assortment of neon colors, these funky retro sunglasses are sure to be a big hit with older kids.
  • Ocean Animal Buttons (24 for $8): From Etsy seller Gand G Buttons, this collection of handmade, ocean-themed pin-back buttons are a fun, small party favor that can be played upon as a theme for other goodies in the bag.
  • Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Temporary Tattoos (35 for $24): With sheets and sheets of fun electric glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos, this neon collection has just the right temporary bling for boys and girls and is sure to be a big birthday-party hit at school.
  • Wikki Stix (48 sticks for $7): Bend them, build them, Wikki Stix are tons of fun for little hands and perfect for a school-party gift bag. No mess or frustration, these fun craft sticks have endless possibilities.

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