13 (Fun) Old-Fashioned Outdoor Activities for Kids

"Mom, I'm bored!

With this list, you'll never hear those dreaded words again. Forget technology. Keep kids occupied this summer with good, old-fashioned outdoor adventures.

  • Seasons search: Go out and find 10 things that you will only see during the summer.

  • Make compost or talk about how worms "make" soil.

  • On a hot summer day, play outside in the rain in your bathing suit!

  • If the grass is slippery, slide on it. If there's a muddy spot, play in the mud!

  • Pick dandelions, clover or Queen Anne's Lace bouquets. You can display them in a vase. (Local park staff can let you know which invasive alien plants can be picked from your backyard or vacant neighborhood lots or roadsides without harm to the environment.)

  • Shake and blow dandelion seed heads.

  • Go for a creek walk in old gym shoes or boots. It's like one continuous puddle!

  • Go outside on a windy day with bubble blowers, paper airplanes, simple kites, etc.

  • Make some Solar S'mores! Line an old pizza box with some foil and make it into an "oven" to melt your marshmallows and chocolate. Talk about the sun and alternative/renewable energy sources.

  • Have a camp out in your back yard. Use a tape recorder to record and identify all the sounds you hear through the night. (OK, so there's a little technology involved!)

  • Have a star party and plan a picnic under the stars. Spend time on a blanket with some star shaped snacks talking together and "wondering" about the universe.

  • Find a great grassy area to lie down on and watch the clouds. What do they look like? You can even bring a lunch and a blanket!

  • Sit in the grass and make a necklace out of clover for someone special. Just tie them together with a knot.

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