Fun Themes for Your Fourth of July BBQ

If you're in charge of organizing the Fourth of July BBQ this year, start a new tradition with a fun theme! While most of the neighbors will be hosting the traditional patriotic party, you can show off your creative side with a few variations. Plan ahead so you can make most of your menu items at least a day in advance, and start gathering props and decorations now to create an unforgettable event! Whether you're having everyone over to enjoy the pool or just inviting the crew for a backyard extravaganza, surprise your guests with something that's anything but ordinary.

Here are some fun themes and ideas for your Fourth of July BBQ:

Lady Liberty Theme

Have fun at the dessert table by making up some "Lady Liberty Cupcakes" during the festivities. This can be a fun activity for young kids and will keep everyone busy for at least an hour. Look for Statue of Liberty-shaped confetti or a stand-up party decoration as a centerpiece. Use other props with a patriotic theme to create a fun, colorful party space. Give out foam crowns as party favors as guests arrive and set up a photo op space for attendees wearing their crown during the event!

Red, White, and Blue Pool Party

Even though most guests will be coming over for some great food from the barbecue, you can keep everyone entertained by hosting some fun events at the pool! Decorate the pool with shimmering lights and patriotic inflatable toys. Consider renting a show fountain that jets out streams of red, white, and blue to create a dazzling night show. Place red, white, and blue lights around walkways, the deck, and the patios to create a party atmosphere. Serve up platters of appetizers and desserts such as patriotic cupcakes, a layered berry trifle, or pudding cups with fruit. I've found that layered desserts in miniature dessert cups store very well in the refrigerator so they're perfect for making ahead of time. Mix up some bowls of colored punch so that everyone stays hydrated as they play!

"Fireworks" Theme

Play on the fireworks at the Fourth of July event with some sparkly accessories and fireworks-inspired décor. Take a look at some of these creative ideas for inspiration. You can make "sparkler" drink stirrers with a few basic craft supplies, decorate the table with sparkly confetti and a metallic tablecloth, and hang sparkling garlands in red, white, and blue to enhance the party space. Make cupcakes or a large cake with a fireworks design and use edible glitter to decorate cookies and other sweet treats.

Content by Sabah Karimi.