What Gabby Douglas Can Teach Kids (Beyond the Mat)

By GalTime Parenting Pro Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D.

Gabby Douglas is extremely excited to see her face on a cereal box. Gabby Douglas is extremely excited to see her face on a cereal box. teaching the value of ambition and passion to our kids

Similar to a modern Disney fairytale, Gabby Douglas emerges as a gold medalist times two making history when she took gold as the top all around individual gymnast and as a member of the top women's gymnast team.
Turn back the clock just a few years ago when Douglas was a virtual unknown. Offered the opportunity to train with Liang Chow, the story goes it was her supportive sister who finally convinced their mother to let Gabby leave her home in Virginia to train in Iowa with the master who coached 2008 Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson.

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Gabby Douglas right after she won the gold. Gabby Douglas right after she won the gold. Hers however, is not just the story about a young athlete winning, it is the story of an energetic young girl who won over the world with spunk, charm and wit.

Gabby is an 'it' girl who has easily become America's darling. To simply say that she is a role model to aspiring athletes is an understatement.

Gabrielle is a shining example of the places kids can go when they have ambition on their minds and the fire of passion in their hearts.

Gabrielle's victories are also a testament to the support, caring, love and commitment of family.

As a parent it is admirable that Gabrielle's mother was willing to let her daughter go for her dream. All parents want to support their children's dream no matter how big or small.

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When faced with the difficult choice of having to let them go in order to move forward, it is not so easy to be sure one would choose the former.

Although Gabby's pint size can certainly be deceiving her gymnast physique makes watching her in action like viewing performance art in motion.

Gabby's victory is certainly a demonstration that focus, tenacity, and of course a lot of natural talent, can take a teen far.

Her positive attitude, bright smile and uplifting attitude suggest that endearing yourself to the world is easy if you posses equal parts positive attitude and poise.

Gabby Douglas not only said 'Yes I can,' she did! What a wonderful role model for the children of U.S. let alone the world. Gabby you go girl!

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