Take the Hassle Out of Preparing for House Guests

It's hard enough to prepare for the holidays, let alone house guests. But Beverly Hills organizer Linda Koopersmith, author of The Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible, offers five easy tactics that will make your home cozy (and clean!) for your visitors. They might even think they're staying at a bed and breakfast!

Declutter everything. Step one is a clean house. "Gather everything together and store it, and don't worry about it until after the holiday," Koopersmith, tells Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini.

Make your home feel cozy. "Smell is a really great way to do that," says Koopersmith. You can use candles, potpourri or other types of aroma therapy. Just make sure you're house guests aren't allergic to the scents you are using.

Give your house guests a welcome package. Koopersmith says adding a welcome basket adds is a nice gesture and makes guests feel at home. You can include a bottle of water, chocolates, maybe some slippers, and even fliers for local attractions of things they might be interested in doing during their visit.

Stock the guest room(s) with essentials. "Remember your guests are going to be using your entire house during their stay," she says. Beyond the welcome basket to pamper them, clear the closet to make room for their clothes. And don't forget your guest bathroom! It should be filled with more than your usual products. Koopersmith suggests giving each guest their own bathroom caddy that you fill with their favorite bath product.

Make sure you have enough food. Stock up on your guests' favorite snacks and coffees and drinks.

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