If We Held a Mom Olympics

Mom for the Win!Mom for the Win!In my pre-kid days, multitasking consisted of listening to a conference call at my desk while I pounded out a story or responded to emails. When I became a mom, it didn't take long to realize that multitasking with a newborn and later, a newborn and a toddler, would take my skills to an entirely new level.

The ability to juggle many hats wasn't the only thing that developed; I also became a master at changing diapers and later on, getting grass stains out of white baseball pants. And my patience, compassion and ability to love without bounds grew in ways I'd never imagined.

We learn so much when we become moms, with enough physical and emotional categories to create our own Mom Olympics. I'd include: Diaper Changing, Diaper Changing on the Road, Bag Packing, School Lunch Making, Finding Lost Items, Quieting a Tantrum, Snuggling, Story Telling, Saying No without using the word "No," and The Mom Look (e.g., the look that gets the kids to stop what their doing, no words required). (Shine contributor, Manic Motherhood, has her own version of the Mom Olympics, too. Only I'd end up getting hurt if I tried any of her competitions!)

The list of potential competitions is endless. But no, this wouldn't be a true competition. It would be a celebration, and there would most certainly be a record set for the most competitors who tied for the gold.

Because really?

Moms don't need to compete. We all know we're doing the best we can at what we do.