Homemade Red, White and Blue Decorations

Easy red, white and blue decorations. This summer, there will be plenty of occasions to show off your USA pride. Besides the traditional patriotic holidays from Memorial Day to Flag Day and July 4th, there's one extra special reason to display the red, white and blue. With the London Olympic Games only a short time away, there's no better excuse to get crafting and show your team spirit.

Here are four ideas for homemade red, white and blue decorations to get your home in tip-top patriotic shape, whether you're throwing a holiday barbecue or cheering on the home team:

1. Red, white and blue paper tube banner

This banner is a perfect way to recycle those empty paper towel and toilet paper tubes. For a bright, colorful look, use acrylics to paint each tube red, white and blue. Or - for a more homemade, primitive look - cut fabrics in varying shades and patterns of red, white and blue, then use craft glue to cover each tube with fabric. Add sparkle to your blue tubes with white or silver sequins. String all your tubes in a row, then display your patriotic banner across a doorway, railing or mantle.

2. Patriotic wreath

Wreaths are fitting decorations for any event, no matter the season. For an easy wreath kids can help with, cut a open circular shape from cardboard. Cut different shades of red, white and blue construction paper into long and short strips. Glue alternating colors of the long paper strips to the cardboard circle with the ends pointing outward. Next, repeat and glue the short paper strips in a circle around the middle. When dry, display on a doorway to show your support for Team USA.

3. Yarn-wrapped utensil cups

If you're hosting a summer picnic, try this simple craft to boost your party's patriotism. Start with clean, washed containers - like glass or plastic mayonnaise jars, or even metal vegetable or soup cans. Gather red, white and blue yarn and craft or hot glue. Starting at the container's bottom edge, add glue, then begin wrapping blue yarn one-third of the way up. Switch to white yarn, add more glue, and wrap for the next third. Switch to red yarn, add more glue, and finish wrapping the rest of the container. When dry, toss in forks, knives or spoons for a colorful, homemade way to dress up your party table.

4. Woven red, white and blue placemats

This craft project is a great way to get kids involved. You'll need three pieces of 12"x18" paper, in red, white and blue. Fold one piece in half short-wise and cut strips, about 1" apart, starting at the folded side and going up toward the open end. Leave a 1" gap at the top to keep the strips attached, and continue cutting across the side. From your two other colored pieces of paper, cut strips that are 12" long, and about 1" wide. Weave these strips in and out of the 12"x18" loom you created, alternating colors, and gluing the edges in place. When dry, laminate the placemat for durability. When finished, you'll have a red, white and blue placemat perfect for your dining room table.

Now that you've seen how easy homemade decorations can be - with simple materials found around your home - go get crafting and show off your own personal red, white and blue this summer.

Content by Becca Swanson .