Indoor Workouts for the Whole Family

Encourage your kids to participate in active video games.

It can be hard to stay active when the weather outside is dark and gloomy. Working out indoors often seems like the only solution, not only for myself, but for my children, too. How can I make sure that my entire family is active when the weather isn't cooperating? These indoor workouts will entertain children of all ages when you've got energy to burn.

Video games

No longer the stagnant video games of my youth, today's video game systems encourage players to get up and move. Whether you're participating in a dance competition, bowling, or even doing jumping jacks as part of a fitness program, modern video game systems are a great choice to help your family stay active when you're stuck inside the house. Turn participation into a competition (adults vs. the kids tends to work well in our home) with a prize for some added incentive.


Toilet paper races, egg races, and seeing how far you can skid in your socks across the front hallway are all fun activities that can keep you and the kids up and active inside the house. Use whatever you have on hand to put together a relay race that the entire family can enjoy.


I kid you not, tonight my three daughters, dressed in princess dresses, asked me to turn on some music so they could dance at the ball. They danced for at least 30 minutes while I made dinner, and were quick to encourage me to join in the fun. Dancing keeps you active and burns calories. It's a great way to spend time indoors.


An unfinished basement can be incredibly useful in keeping your kids active during the cold, winter months. Whether they're riding scooters or bikes, practicing gymnastics moves on their balance beam and mats, or simply playing a game of tag, an unfinished basement can potentially provide hours of blank-canvas activity and entertainment for the kids.

Family circuit

Set up a short circuit training workout in your home. Use any free weights that you have to individualize the workout for particular family members. Set up stations for jumping jacks, running in place, bicep curls (with and without weights), sit ups, push-ups, and other simple aerobic or weight-training activities that everyone can participate in. Individuals spend only 60 seconds on each activity, rest for 30 seconds, and the move on to the next activity. Run the 10-15 minute family-circuit every other or every day during the winter months.

Content by Kelly Herdrich.