July 4th Decorations the Kids Can Create

Every party I've ever thrown since the birth of my children has been more successful if the kiddos have been involved and invested in its success. Perhaps it's the sense of ownership they feel when we've put together a party together, instead of me putting together a party and them staying out of my way. Whatever the reason, you can't fail when you get your children involved in helping put together the decorations for your 4th of July party.

Tie-Dyed Tablecloth & T-Shirts for Guests

Get a white cotton tablecloth and white t-shirts out, and purchase red and blue tie-dye. Teach the kids the fine art of rubber-banding your garments to get that perfect spiral. Then, let your creativity shine! Tie-dye a tablecloth for your buffet table and smaller tables where guests will sit, if you have them. Make t-shirts for all of your pint-sized party guests. They'll love this take-away favor and they'll be perfect little living decorations!

American Fingerprint Flag

Get out your finger paint for this family-friendly craft. Depending on your party, use either a large rectangular cloth or sheet of construction paper to create your American fingerprint flag. Red, white, and blue finger paint and some little fingers will create the perfect American flag. Use a pencil to create your flag framework and use smaller flag printouts to remind the kids about where the stars and stripes go and which color belongs where. Little fingerprints, one next to the other, will give your flag decoration a personal touch.

Patriotic Pinwheels

Red, white, and blue pinwheels are a wonderful table centerpiece and party favor for your Independence Day celebration. Kids will love creating these interactive decorations with red, white, and blue construction paper and striped straws, a small pair of sharp scissors (with mom & dad's supervision), and silver or gold brads (available at most craft and supply stores). If you've never made your own pinwheels before, use the template and directions available here thanks to popular children's book author Jan Brett. Be sure to add some glitter glue (in those patriotic colors, of course) to give them some sparkle.

Turn these red, white, and blue pinwheels into table centerpieces by placing them in red or blue cups or clear vases around the party.

Macaroni Necklaces

Give this preschool favorite a patriotic twist by painting your noodles red, using white yarn, and adding some blue beads for extra sparkle. Leave the materials out at a craft table for your children and other young guests to make while the party is going on. Expect that even older children will get in on the fun of creating, especially if they can help the little ones, too.

Content by Kelly Herdrich.