Let Astrology Help You Know Your Dad Better This Father's Day!

Let Astrology Help You Know Your Dad Better This Father's Day!
If you want to grow closer to your dad this Father's Day, it's important to figure out what makes him tick. By exploring his Sun sign, you can discover how to develop a stronger, more satisfying relationship with your dad!

The Aries dad is at his best when active, so spend time with him while exercising, or perhaps attend a sporting event together. The fiery Aries father is the brave and courageous sort, so listen to him talk about past victories since he loves to share stories of his success.

Traditional and stable, the Taurus dad likely always has time for you. Since he enjoys quiet time above conversation, find a sunny day and try doing some gardening or yard work with him. This earthy father also loves to eat, so invite him over for a meal of his favorite comfort food.

Mercurial and active, the Gemini father probably has lots of questions for you, so strengthen your relationship by sharing new ideas with him. Since he enjoys learning, take him to a lecture or workshop on a topic that interests each of you.

The domestic Cancer dad loves nothing more than sharing a good meal with you. He probably has a storehouse of memories and family stories, so feed him as you get him talking about the past and your childhood. This watery dad also wants to know what you're feeling, so don't be afraid to share.

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Always the star of the show, the Leo father enjoys entertaining just about anyone, but especially his offspring! If you offer him plenty of opportunity to showcase his talents, he'll be beaming in no time. This generous parent also wants to know all about your successes so he can brag about them to the world!

The Virgo father wants to be of service, so let him know how he can help you -- and then let him actually help! Since it can be difficult for him to relax, try to involve him in any sort of physical activity, which will enable him to release stress in a positive way.

The art-loving Libra father enjoys sharing cultural experiences with you, and everything from museums, art galleries and concerts are fair game. He may also enjoy a shopping trip more than most men, since he has an unusually good eye for color and design. A Libra dad is a terrific resource for relationship advice as well, since he's well-versed on how to relate to others.

Your Scorpio dad is a great problem-solver and always seems to be able to spot the hidden ramifications of most any situation. Don't be afraid to address life's bigger issues with him, as this water sign likes to dig deep and is unafraid of the shadowy side of life. Though your Scorpio father may not reveal too many of his secrets, he can definitely offer you important insights.

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Prepare for an adventure when you hang out with your Sagittarius father, for this dad will want to teach you about the world and introduce you to new experiences, no matter how old you are now. Plan a day trip -- or even a longer trek -- together to an exciting destination. And since this dad loves to laugh, seeing a funny movie or going to a comedy club together could be another fun activity to share with him.

The Capricorn father always has work on his mind and wants to feel as if he's making constant progress towards his goals. Find a project the two of you can work on side-by-side, or simply ask him where he wants to be ten years from now and he'll surely have lots to share!

Your quirky Aquarian dad will probably want to spend time with you in the company of others. He's a community-oriented fellow who relishes helping the community, so your best bet is to spend time together while you're both engaged in a service project.

Gentle Pisces dads love spending time amid nature, so be sure to schedule a hike or a trip to the beach. The sign of the fish enjoys music as well, so an outdoor concert is another terrific way to share quality time with your Pisces pop.

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