Looking Your Best when You're Under the Weather

Freshen up with makeup even when you're feeling sick.

When you're stuck at home with the flu or just aren't feeling like yourself, take good care of yourself by freshening up your appearance. Even though you might not be feeling 100 percent on the inside, a few updates on the outside can help you feel a little better and help you get through those tough days of recovery. Making sure you take your time to get better is essential. You might need more sleep or naps than usual, will need to drink more fluids, and will also need to eat healthy and nutritious meals to get your energy back.

Try some of these tips for looking your best when you're under the weather:

Keep Tissues on Hand

Take care of a stuffy nose or watery eyes by stocking up on plenty of tissues for the bedroom, living areas, and your car. Keep tissues on hand for those mini-emergencies so you don't have to keep running to the restroom. Use moisturizer-infused tissues to prevent your skin from chafing and flaking.

Freshen Up with Makeup

A little bit of makeup can add some color to your face and help you feel better, instantly! Keep things simple but add a pop of color to your lips or try a more dramatic eye look. Avoid caking on layers of makeup just to mask a pale face, and stick with a more natural look using lightweight makeup. A tinted moisturizer can be a great alternative to heavy foundation and is perfect for anyone pressed for time. Even something as simple as wearing a darker color lip gloss and a matching lip liner can be enough to freshen up your appearance.

Try a New Hairstyle

You might not be motivated to do anything with your hair when you're not feeling well, but that extra down time could be a great time to try a new hairstyle. Keep things practical by putting your hair up in a sleek ponytail or a tight dancer's bun for the day. Add a colorful headband or other hair accessories to create a fun and stylish look for the day!

Wear a Colorful Outfit or Accessory

Another easy way to boost your mood is by wearing a brightly-colored outfit or accessory. Bold reds, sunny yellows, and bright greens and blues can lift your spirits when you're feeling down. Try some colorful prints or carry a colorblock handbag for the day for that punch of color. Even a bold-hued scarf around your neck or a pair of colored pants can help you look and feel better on those rougher days.

Content by Sabah Karimi.