Men's Grooming Secrets

Women get a bad rap for spending so much time in the bathroom getting ready, but are guys any faster? "Easy Does It" host Ereka Vetrini hit the streets of New York City to find out.

How much time do guys say they need to get ready? Answers ranged from 10 minutes to "a very long time. So long that my wife has to kick me out of the bathroom!"

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But, Ereka found, the mysterious male grooming ritual is no less complex than the female counterpart. It often involves exfoliating, moisturizing, and occasionally the use of a loofah. "When I'm feeling really bad, I'll grab a facial mask, and throw that on, and you know, I feel great afterward," an interviewee reveals.

While shaving takes up a fair amount of time, guys also have a lot of other hair to deal with, in a process known as manscaping.

"I trim a little bit," one guy says.

"I do shave my chest, underarms," another admits.

"There are standards of decency to which every man should subscribe," yet another gentleman adds.

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And have you ever wondered whether your guy is stealing your beauty products? Your suspicions are probably valid. The gentlemen we interviewed confessed to stealing their significant others' deodorant, soap, and lotion. "She actually will buy it for me," one guy revealed about his penchant for his lady's toiletries. "I'm too embarrassed to buy it."

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