Messy Rainy Day Activities for the Whole Family

Messy Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy days are upon us, and with them come bored children and frustrated parents. Luckily, help is at hand. Art Zone founder and educational psychologist Laura Krug joins Away We Grow host Diane Mizota to share some fun activities for your family.

Krug explains, "The fact is that kids learn through hands-on activities. It's the best way for them to develop their growing brains and their curiosity." She begins by sharing three messy art-based activities for kids to do on rainy days.

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First, Krug suggests gathering some wooden blocks and double-stick tape. Then, she says, attach ordinary household items to the blocks with the tape. "Now go ahead and stamp that into the paint, and then we'll stamp it on the paper," says Krug. This makes interesting patterns on the paper.

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Next, Krug shows how to make a print with bubble wrap. Simply dip the bubble wrap into the paint. Then press it on paper to take a print of the texture of the wrap.

Finally, Krug presents an activity she calls "Magic Painting." Place the cutout of a simple shape on top of a paper that has already been painted with a single color. Then pour a different color of paint on top of everything, including the cutout shape. Last, lift off the cutout, and you will see that its shape has magically appeared on the page.

In addition, Krug also has some messy science-based activities for kids and parents to do together. She calls the first one the "Shaving Cream Experiment." Take a tennis ball container and fill it with water. Float some shaving cream on top of the water. Then, take watercolor paints and drip them onto the shaving cream. Watch the colors flow into the water like a lava lamp. "You look like a mad scientist while you're doing it," says Krug.

Another fun activity is to create an entertaining and messy goo. Krug says to take equal parts water and glue and stir. Add a little bit of food coloring or watercolor paint if you wish. Then pour it into a bowl filled with water and Borax. "And now instantly you've got the goo," says Krug.

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