Michelle Obama on Exercise and Getting Her Family Moving: "For Me, It's a De-stressor, First and Foremost"

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Most of us would kill for Michelle Obama's arms, but know this: The first lady works hard for those world-famous biceps! Today's theme focuses on getting your family moving, and we asked the first lady how all the Obamas stay active. As iVillage guest editor, Mrs. Obama talked to us about everything from getting the girls in team sports to her on-the-road workout tips to why she watches SportsCenter. (Hint: There's a husband involved!)

The Benefits of Daily Workouts

"Obviously, people know that exercise is important. For me, it's a de-stressor, first and foremost."

Age and Exercise

"I try to keep my weight at a certain level. And I've found that as I get older…I don't like to diet. I like food. I don't like to have to worry and count every calorie…I just don't like to live that way.

And I also found that as I get older, I need to work on flexibility, because that's where you help to avoid injuries. So I started doing some yoga. I've done Pilates before, but I have a hard time doing both, because I just don't have the time in my schedule. But I always try to do something that really works on that flexibility leg of the fitness stool."

Lifting Weights

"You don't have to be a weightlifter. I know a lot of women get worried about muscle definition. But actually, I've been told by fitness experts that the average person will not bulk up on the weights that we can lift. That's not why people bulk up. But you want to have some weight training in your routine, especially as women, to make sure we've got strong bone density. And it helps with that toning, those little areas that we don't like that flap a little bit, that aren't as tight. That's where lifting comes in, once you've gotten your cardio in there."

Her Exercise Routine

"I have a pretty well rounded routine that incorporates cardio, some weights -- but nothing heavy, nothing dramatic -- and plyometrics and things like that, which is a lot of body movement. You're using your own body weight to get the exercise in."

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