The Must-have Apps Every Parent Should Download

Must-have apps every parent should downloadMost of us can't live without our smart devices or the apps that make a parent's life better, but which are worth downloading--and who has time to figure all this out? Away We Grow host Diane Mizota welcomes TechMama Beth Blecherman, who is here to help.

It can be overwhelming to sort through all of the parenting apps that exist. Blecherman says that it's essential for parents to plan ahead if they want to have everything at their fingertips. She suggests finding easy apps "and not just the trendy, cool apps-apps that fit within your lifestyle."

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Essential parenting apps that every mom should have

Blecherman recommends the following apps for busy moms:

AboutOne. This is a family-friendly toolkit that works as a full management system. "It's like having your home file cabinet with you," says Blecherman. House inventories, information from school, and even your kid's artwork can all be scanned in to become easily accessible within the app.

SitOrSquat by Charmin. "This app is a lifesaver," says Blecherman. With SitOrSquat, you can enter in your location and the app will show you a map of all the bathrooms that are close to you. She notes, "You can find bathrooms that are rated either for sitting, which is green, or red for squatting."

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Disney Explorer. This app can help avoid tantrum emergencies by allowing you to take a tour of the amusement park ahead of time. "You can find out where you want to go and decide ahead of time so there are no tantrums at the park," she says.

Storia by Scholastic. "I have a family rule and that rule is you play educational apps first," says Blecherman. Storia includes a bookshelf that's tied into the school as well as learning games.

And finally, host Diane Mizota shares one of her own new finds: USB bands from She explains, "They allow kids and parents to carry any important files on hand-literally-and they look pretty cool too."

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