Your Next Workout Begins at Your Desk!

FitSugarSource: Your Next Workout Begins at Your Desk!

Start your workout well before you hit the gym tonight, beginning at your desk! In a matter of minutes, a few simple changes will keep you healthy, increase your productivity, and even contribute to abs of steel. Not only will these changes go into effect immediately - think instantly improved posture - but they will also contribute to your overall health for years to come. Consider these tips and make the change; this might be what your next workout needs to go from good to great.

  • Keep Healthy Snacks : Instead of reaching for the vending machine or mindlessly grabbing from the candy bowl, keep healthy snacks at your desk to avoid temptation. Homemade trail mix or simple 100-calorie snacks will curb afternoon hunger without dooming your diet.
  • Rearrange Your Desk : Simple changes to your desk will help you sit up straighter and avoid neck, wrist, and back strain. Sitting ergonomically, adjusting your keyboard, and repositioning your computer screen are all positive changes to your workspace. Check out our guide to desk ergonomics 101 for the details.
  • Dim Your Computer Screen : Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time can strain and dry your eyes. Adjust your computer's lighting so it does not create a glare or a harsh reflection. If your eyes are constantly irritated or dry, keep a bottle of moisturizing eye drops at your desk.
  • Add Inspiration : Since your desk is where you spend a majority of your time, make it inspiring. Put your goals on sticky notes, display your favorite photos, or even keep track of the date with a motivational desk calendar.
  • Keep Water Close : It's easy to get carried away and forget about hydration during the workday. Keep a water bottle close that you can refill throughout the day. Staying hydrated will flush out toxins and allow for more bathroom breaks - the perfect opportunity for a quick stretch!
  • Switch Out Your Chair : Swap out your standard desk chair for the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair ($80-$100) to improve spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression. Because of its shape, sitting on the balance ball will reinforce proper ergonomics and strengthen the muscles in your core. If the chair is a little out of your price range, see if your office provides exercise balls that you can use as a chair.
  • Stash Cleaning Supplies: Keep germs at bay by keeping your desk clean. Your keyboard, mouse, and phone are loaded with germs (especially during flu season). Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will keep germs at a minimum and prevent you from having to spend your precious vacation days in bed.
  • Set Reminders : If you often find yourself losing track of time, set reminders to promote healthy breaks. MacBreakZ has created a program that will remind you to take stretch breaks and sit properly - all with the hopes of reducing carpal tunnel syndrome, writer's cramp, tendonitis, and eye strain.

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